Indian Patent Office trying to dispose off pending cases as expeditiously as possible

The data is reproduces from the website. It has come to my notice that orders on a number of opposition cases both under pre-grant and post grant are pending for disposal after final hearing with the Joint Controllers /Deputy Controllers/Assistant Controllers thereby leading to complaints by aggrieved persons. It is not in public interest to keep such orders pending for unreasonable period. Such delay would also affect the quality of orders. Hence, all Joint Controllers /Deputy Controllers/Assistant Controllers who have reserved orders on contested proceedings are hereby directed to issue decision/speaking orders and dispose of all pending cases as expeditiously as possible. The backlog of such cases should be liquidated latest by 31st March, 2009. From jst April, 2009, there shall not be any cases pending for orders for more than 3 months on post grant cases and one month in cases of pre-grant cases after the final hearing. If necessary all Hearing Officers dealing with contested cases should not hear further cases till the disposal of the pending cases.

Any lapses or violation of this circular on the part of Joint Controllers IDeputy Controllers/Assistant Controllers will be viewed seriously.

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